Excell tuition is a tutoring company basedin South London that provides high quality tuition services to ensure studentsfulfil their academic potential.

Founder: Jennifer Aryiku

Jenniferhas 10 years’ experience working within the education sector. She completed aBSc (Hons) in Economics and a PGCE in Business and Economics Education from theInstitute of Education, UCL.  She currentlyholds the position as Head of Economics in an inner London girls’ school. Herprevious experience includes working as an Academic Mentor, being Head ofFinancial Education, in addition to being an A-Level Economics examiner forAQA.

Jenniferhas worked with many A-Level and GCSE students across South London to achievedifferent objectives, ranging from understanding key diagrams to mastering examtechnique! She has been able to witnessfirst-hand the positive impact of tuition and loves the opportunity to expandthe knowledge and experiences of the students.

DBS checked (available upon request)