We are officially in the summer term!

We are officially in the summer term! This term is usually full of summer exams and for Year 12, students starting to think about their post 18 options. It is a big decision, that can impact the next few years of your life so here are a few points to start thinking about;

  1. What am I interested in? Is there a particular subject/topic area you have a keen interest in? Is there a career route you would like to pursue?
  1. What route do I want to take? – There are so many options available now – University, Degree Apprenticeships, gap years, employment… Think about the benefits and drawbacks of each method.
  1. Have I done enough research? – Due to Covid-19, there have not been as many events, but there are many virtual events and summer schools that are available in the coming months to gather more information about the options available. Also talk to teachers or contact organisations directly to find out more information.
  1. What are the costs? A big factor that needs to be taken into consideration is the costs associated with post-18 options. University fees for most courses is currently £9,750 a year, but you do need to factor in the living costs associated with it. However, there are many schemes and scholarships available to support students!

If you do need any help, please do contact us and we will do our best to assist you through the process. All the best for the future!